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Real Software

Our software is real software in every sense of the word. It is not the repackaged blank forms that some sites sell.

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Fully Online

There is nothing to download or to install. Use it from the safe distance of your web browser.

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The software will produce all the required court-ready forms in seconds. Try the live demo.

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Presenting The Easiest and Most Affordable Online Bankruptcy Software

If you want to file bankruptcy by yourself without the high cost of a bankruptcy attorney or a full-service bankruptcy company, look no further.

Our chapter 7 online software complies with the new bankruptcy laws and continues the tradition of making it very easy. That is saying a lot when you consider the tons of paperwork that the new laws have introduced.

Our online bankruptcy software is dedicated to simplifying things for your chapter 7 filing!

Before we tell you all the wonderful things our online software can do, we want you to take it out for a spin.

Try our live demo

Don't worry. You do not have to register to try the live demo!

Why is it so important to try the live demo? It is because if it is genuine online bankruptcy software, you ought to be able to demo it. If a competing chapter 7 bankruptcy software does not offer a live demo then it is because it is not genuine bankruptcy software, but rather, the blank bankruptcy forms disguised as software. Click here to learn how to spot the fake bankruptcy software.



Compare for yourself. We charge a fraction of what lawyers charge and we compare well with the biggest names in online bankruptcy filing. Here are the top names in online chapter 7 bankruptcy. Check them out and we are sure you will come back.

The biggest online chapter 7 bankruptcy site in the US

A popular chapter 7 and 13 bankruptcy site

Check them out and then come back to get the same bankruptcy for less.


Read the reviews to see how we compare others bankruptcy software forms providers.


Take a free bankruptcy means test to see if you qualify for a chapter 7 discharge. We are the only chapter 7 and chapter 13 bankruptcy software provider and the free means test explains why.


With our online bankruptcy software, you get:

Not $400, not $200

Now Only $49

Attorney Quality Bankruptcy At a fraction of The Cost

You have probably spent weeks researching and trying to decide if you should file and who you should use. If you are leaning towards using an attorney, you need to be aware that most attorneys take 4 to 5 weeks to get all the paperwork ready and they charge a king's ransom.

If cost is the bottom line for you, then we are the best value.

If you do not want to pay attorney fees but you want it done for you like an attorney would, or perhaps even better in some cases, then use a full-service company. But as we explain below, that is not necessary. Our software will do it all.

Click here for the chapter 13 bankruptcy page

What is the difference between a full-service company, our chapter 7 bankruptcy software and an online attorney?

Little to none. The reason is that almost all online bankruptcy attorneys are full-service companies who have rented an attorney's name so that they can charge more. Behind the scenes, the work is done by trained staff exactly the same way as any other full-service attorneys.

We charge a lot less than the full-service companies, but if you want the added comfort of a trained person doing it for you, rather than using our easy online software, then as we already stated, these are the popular full-service companies:  US Bankruptcy Solutions  and  American Online Bankruptcy Center.  We are confident that once you do the comparison you will see that our chapter 7 bankruptcy software is the right choice for you. 

If you insist on using an attorney or other expert, here are some good ones. The last time we checked, they charged from $1550 to $2500.

Kaeding Law Office

Mathias Law

Peterson Zeyer

If you prefer professional bankruptcy software, these ones will set you back over $1,200.

LegalPRO Bankruptcy Software

Easy Bankruptcy Filing Software

(We do not get paid anything for mentioning these lawyers or bankruptcy resource vendors. We just want to let people know that they do not have to continue in debt just because they cannot afford the legal fees.) 

Before you order our chapter 7 bankruptcy software, read the rest of the page to find out what it can do and to learn more about your other choices. 

Full-service Chapter 7 and 13

Full-service or hand-crafted bankruptcies take time and cost a lot because a trained person works all the numbers and makes sure that the finished documents will be approved by the court. That is what you get with an attorney or with a full-service company.

Full-service and Attorney prepared bankruptcy documents are pretty much the same quality because even with an attorney, it is their trained staff that are really doing the work. 

With our automated online chapter 7 software, you use computer software located on our server to prepare your own bankruptcy in a do-it-yourself way. No one else other than you sees the information that you enter or prepares the documents or checks it for compliance with bankruptcy laws. It is an excellent tool that puts you in charge of the outcome of your bankruptcy.

An automated online bankruptcy system is the next best thing when you cannot afford an attorney or a full-service company. We are not a full-service preparation company and we will not hide that from you. We provide the only automated online chapter 7 bankruptcy software system, at a price everyone can afford.

Our easy online bankruptcy software platform was developed with the help and approval of bankruptcy lawyers but we do not claim to be lawyer affiliated or lawyer supervised. Only a law firm or a lawyer-backed full-service company can provide lawyer supervision since a lawyer can review the documents before sending them to you. 

If you are the nervous type and do not trust yourself do it using an automated online system, then visitOnline Bankruptcy Reviews and select one of the full-service companies that they recommend. Online Bankruptcy Reviews checks out the various providers and lets you know which ones are full-service and which ones are not. It is your bankruptcy and you deserve to know your choices.

How can we boldly ask you to check out the competition? It is easy. Most people can safely use an automated online bankruptcy system to prepare their documents and it is those people that our system is designed for. After comparing us to the others, you will come back to us because we are the best value for your money. If you decide to use them instead of us, then we are glad to have served a need.

Now that we have gotten that out of the way, here is what we can do for you. Here are the 3 easy steps to using our online bankruptcy software: 

  1. Place Your Order: You order online on our secure servers. Ordering from us is extremely secure because we do not store your card number anywhere. It is passed it on to your credit card issuer and then discard it. This way, even if thieves carry off all our servers, you are not compromised. We issue you a login name and password with which you can log on to our Automated Online System.
  2. Enter Your Data: Log on and enter your data in the easiest online entry screens every designed for bankruptcy. There is no guesswork and no confusing choices to make or instructions to read. There is no learning process. It usually takes 20 to 30 minutes to type in your bills.
  3. Print and File: After entering your bills and personal information, you look it all over to make sure that it is okay. If you left out any bills by mistake, you can always log back in and enter it. When you are satisfied that you have entered everything, you simply press the Print button and your documents will be generated by our powerful but easy bankruptcy software and displayed right there in your browser window. Print the documents and sign and then file them with the court by mail or in person. We provide you the location of the court where you need to file.

You access our automated system from your browser just as you would any other ordinary web page. You enter your information right there in your browser. There is no software to install and you do not need to use a word processor. 

You can change any information that you have already entered and you can save your work on our server simply by clicking on the save icon. 

You can print your documents as many times as you need to. If after printing you discover another bill that you left out, simply log back in and enter it and then print again. There is no need to ask us to grant you some special privilege. It is entirely up to you, provided it is for your own bankruptcy file. Please note that you cannot use your one purchase of our software license to prepare multiple bankruptcy filings or to run a bankruptcy business or prepare bankruptcy for other people off of your account. If you want to prepare multiple bankruptcies, purchase a separate license of our software for each and every bankruptcy filing.

And here is one thing that you will love... 

Our automated system has a proprietary checker feature that scans through all of the information that you have entered and checks them to make sure that they are within the acceptable ranges needed for approval. If something does not check out, the system flags it in red so that you can make changes. 

Understandably, that is not the same thing as having a pair of eyes looking over the data as you can expect with an attorney or full-service company but it is a lifesaver. This is one more reason why nothing else comes close. 

We guarantee that your documents will be accepted by the bankruptcy court or your full money back. 


Read on if you want to get the boring details. 

Our documents include all of the official forms that are required in all 50 states and a few more that we throw in for good measure. This is a list of the official forms. 

  • Voluntary Petition
  • Summary of Schedules
  • Schedule A __ Real Property
  • Schedule B __ Personal Property
  • Schedule C __ Property Claimed As Exempt Schedule
  • D __ Creditors Holding Secured Claims Schedule
  • E __ Creditors Holding Unsecured Priority Claims Schedule
  • F __ Creditors Holding Unsecured Nonpriority Claims
  • Schedule G __ Executory Contracts and Unexpired Leases
  • Schedule H __ Co-debtors
  • Schedule I __ Current Income of Individual Debtor(s)
  • Schedule J __ Current Expenditures of Individual Debtor(s)
  • Declaration Concerning Debtor's Schedules
  • Chapter 7 Individual Debtor's Statement of Intention
  • Statement of Financial Affairs
  • The means test forms and calculations
  • Mailing Matrix Creditor list formatted for electronic delivery.
  • Court Fee waiver

If you want to reaffirm some debts, we provide the reaffirmation forms for free. 

You do not need a credit report in order to prepare your bankruptcy but if you want one anyway, you can get it for free by clicking here - Free Credit Report

Our bankruptcy documents are valid in all 50 states and they are always up-to-date. 

You have heard about computer viruses and worms and how you expose your system to hackers by downloading and installing software from untrusted sources. You certainly want to stay away from software that installs on your hard drive for fear of turning control of your computer to a malicious programmer. With us, you never have to worry about that since our software is web based. 

Our online bankruptcy system runs on our own servers, not on your computer, so there is nothing for you to install on your end. You use our software from your browser like you would any other plain web page. This way, you tap into the power of our system from the safe distance of your browser. 

As we said earlier, our web interface is so easy to use, it is fool-proof. You do not have to know bankruptcy law or to read anything before using it. You answer a few simple questions such as your name, address, creditors, income and approximate expenses and our online chapter 7 bankruptcy software does the rest. 

If you need to take a break, you can. Just click the save button and the system saves your data on our server so that you can log in again at your convenience to continue. Also, you do not need to have your information organized. Enter it however you like and our online bankruptcy software will organize it exactly the way the court wants it. 

How quickly can you file your bankruptcy? That is entirely up to you. If you want to file your bankruptcy one hour from now, you can. This is because, since our easy online chapter 7 bankruptcy software is fully automated, you can print and file your documents whenever you are done entering your basic information. You can enter your information in as little as 10 minutes and the software can print your documents in a matter of seconds, so it is really up to you. 

One more thing: You can log on from any location to enter your info or to print your documents. You can start at home and then continue on your lunch break from work. 

Watch out for document templates

You know what a word processor is, right? There is Microsoft Word and there is WordPerfect (for the old-timers who still remember,) to name a few. Have you ever tried modifying a single page of a complex Microsoft Word document that someone else wrote? If you are honest, you will admit that it is a killer. What happens is that the whole thing wobbles and distorts like hot Jell-O on a picnic table. You change one word and it throws off the whole paragraph and ruins the fancy formatting. The pretty graphic image on the page jumps 3 inches down and the large heading changes font to small print. 

All bankruptcy kits are document templates, pure and simple. 

This means that if they sell the bankruptcy software for around $44 to $50, you are not just buying one complicated Microsoft Word document with many columns, dialogue boxes, images, special formatting and more... You are buying 50 to 100 Microsoft Word document templates with hundreds of columns, dialogue boxes, images, special formatting, and you have to modify and fill out every single one of them and most importantly, you have to know what you are doing? These kit sellers cleverly market their templates as software. They think you will not notice. You will know it is a kit if it sells for around $44 to $50. 

If it sells for $44 or $49, it is fake software

If they do not offer a LIVE DEMO, it is fake software

Watch out for fake software

The other type of fake software are the ones that skip the whole kit thing and just plain out sell the same blank forms that anyone can download for free from the court. They deceptively market it as bankruptcy software for around $44 or 49. Their web site says all the right things except the word LIVE DEMO. If they do not say live demo, it is not software. 

That is the kicker! So, is it software or is it a clever marketing technique designed to make you think you are buying software when you are in fact just buying a package of blank forms? You would never call a letter or resume that you typed a piece of software, would you? What an eye opener! So, if that is what bankruptcy kits are, what is online bankruptcy software? The answer is simple. With authentic online bankruptcy software, the end product may be a document, but you the customer will never have to handle or fill one out. 

Why our software is different

You have probably heard of TurboTax, right? TurboTax is an easy tax preparation software. You answer a few simple questions and TurboTax generates every single tax form for you, completely filled out, so all you do is sign your name and wait for your refund. You never have to know the tax law or what you are doing. You work hard for your money and you do not want the headache of figuring out what tax forms you need or to read the 20 page instructions booklet. You just want to enter your name, answer a few yes/no questions and be done with it. That is exactly what our online bankruptcy software is. You enter your name and address, answer a few questions and press the finish button and all 50 to 100 pages of your completed bankruptcy documents slide out of your printer, ready for your signature. That is it in a nut shell. 

So the next time you come across a bankruptcy web site that says it sells bankruptcy software, don't be fooled. If they sell it for $44 or $49 then it is fake software. If they do not offer a LIVE DEMO, then it is fake software.


If you like, you can preview our easy bankruptcy software before you order. The preview allows you to enter your name and address and then to watch the software generate your one page bankruptcy petition and then display it on your browser window. (You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader on your computer to view the displayed document since it is presented in the PDF format. Most all computers come with Acrobat Reader which is also available as a free download from Adobe.) 

Try our live demo

If you are still not sure that our automated system is for you then, 

Visit  Chapter 7 Online Bankruptcy Reviews   and Compare for Yourself

You can order our online software for our everyday low price of $170. If you are ordering this week, you can take advantage of our onetime special pricing of,

Only $49

This is a limited time offer so order today. 

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